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What We Treat

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment in Oklahoma City, OK

We specialize in treating individuals who suffer from mental, behavioral and substance use issues. Treatment is available in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

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Mental Health Conditions

Learn more about how we can help you manage your mental health condition through diagnosis and treatment.

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Learn more about detox, rehabilitation and other treatment options available to help you recover from addiction.

depressed older man being comforted by doctor

Co-Occurring Disorders

Learn more about how our recovery programs can stabilize and help you manage symptoms of both conditions.

I had a very great experience at Oakwood Springs, from the initial assessment to the start of treatment-the staff was more than friendly and understanding. I felt very comfortable throughout my entire stay with all interactions with the assortment of groups/therapy groups offered. I would highly recommend Oakwood Springs to anyone looking for a positive experience to help them with what they are needing to work on. Best of luck.


This place was so good to me! The inpatient stay was very comfortable. They are very structured which helped keep me stay in control. They also allow you to have a sense of independence. I would recommend this to all my family and friends!!